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All about Retro Racegear.

Retro Racegear began with a passion for motorsports. We love racing, so we found a niche to fill in the business of it.

We are a family company, and we are dedicated to serving our customers. We want you to know that when you buy Retro Raceegear merchandise, you are buying high value, high quality items that are as close to perfect as we can muster. If you don't agree, bring it back! Our
return policy shows that we stand behind our products.

Retro Racegear began because we saw a need: modern racing doesn't have the same feel as days gone by. Many fans don't want to tout modern drivers and teams because they can't relate to the business attitudes surrounding motorsport. They prefer to harken back to the days when they watched Nuvolari, or Fangio, or Moss, or Clark, or Stewart-- the days when the difference between a quick lap and death was almost indistinguishable, the days of cameraderie amongst drivers, the days when motorsport was about the joy of winning.

We can relate to that. That's why we bring you quality merchandise representing those good days. Motorsport will always be fantastic, fast, and fun. It will never be what it was again, but we can share and promote the history.

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The quality of our product.

This isn't the cheap stuff. These are high quality, trusted products, designed to last longer than a weekend's worth of wear.

We want you to like our merchandise so much that you buy more, and tell your friends about it. We want you to know that if you buy a gift for a friend (a thank you for the help with that gear change, or just a birthday present for someone who's tough to buy for, but you know would appreciate your thoughtfulness), your friend will be ecstatic with their new gift. And we want you to know that you'll see that gift recipient with your gift over and over and over.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase (or they are not happy with their gift) send it back for a complete refund. Have a look at our
return policy in more detail.

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Transactions handled by PayPal

Your "gearbag" is like any other "shopping cart" you might find on any web site. Your gearbag is totally secure, otherwise, we would not use it.

We have trusted our business to world reknowned payment specialists PayPal. If you have any problems with PayPal, we want to

PayPal began life as a internet security software business, designed to manage encrypted bank transactions. They know how to make transactions secure. We have been using them for a long time, and we have grown to trust their service and services as the safest on the net. Take some time to learn more about PayPal, and you'll see what we mean.

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Come see us at the races!

May 10-11, Thunderhill Park
July 5-6, Mt. Tremblant
July 12-14, Portland Historics
August 9-10, Pre-Historic
August 15-17, Monterey Historic Automobile Races
August 29-Sept 1, Limerock Vintage Festival
October 11-13, Coronado Classic Speed Fest

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Returns and exchanges (just in case).

You will be 100% satisfied with everything you ever purchase from Retro Racegear, or you will not pay for it. Send back the merchandise to the address on your receipt or the return address of the box it came in. You will be refunded for everything (less shipping), and you will never have to deal with us again. If you simply got the wrong size (or your gift was the wrong size), send it back. If you have to open the package to know if it's not right, go ahead and open it (although if you know it won't fit, we'd prefer you didn't.) Drop us a line explaining and we'll send you a new one.

Or, bring your item and receipt to the track! If you are coming to one of the races we'll be at, you can return it to us there!

We appreciate your business! We like our quality customers, that's why we give them quality products!

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Retro Racegear makes a fantastic gift!

Whether it's you-know-who's birthday, and you haven't the slightest idea what to buy, or you owe your pal one for helping you with that last-minute engine swap, Retro Racegear will save the day. Even if you forgot about it until the eleveth hour, we'll help you out! Just ask. And because we back our merchandise with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you know you will be happy with the outcome.

Need a gift receipt? Just ask! When you fill out our order form, near the end of the check-out process, you will be asked if there is anything special you need. Let us know, and we'll help you out.

Did you forget to tell us during the ordering process? No sweat! That's what our customer service
e-mail is for!

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Your privacy is important to us!

We hate spam. We think you probably do, too. Unless you ask for an e-mail from us, we won't send you one. And we sure as heck won't give any of your information to anyone else. It's just not the way we do things. If you find out anything to the contrary,
please let us know!

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Photo Credentials

Period photos (on left and right of front page) are copyright © Schlegelmilch Photography.

Rainer and Boris Schlegelmilch have been covering motorsport for forty years. Rainer took these, and many other great photographs from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Then, his son Boris joined him and they have been photographing Formula One together for almost ten years. Please have a look at their web site, It's a great place to find period photographs of Formula One cars, drivers, and teams of all eras.

Buy their books! And if you do, tell them we sent you!

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Business Opportunities

Retro Racegear is the sole dealer of Tyrrell Racing Organization merchandise. Anything else was not done with the permission of the Tyrrell Racing Organization, Team Tyrrell or the Tyrrell family.
Tell us about any other Tyrrell merchandise you see!

If you would like to sell Tyrrell Merchandise, contact our Business Development Department.

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Contact us!

If you have any questions, concerns, or special requests, please e-mail us at We appreciate your needs, and we'll do everything practical we can to help you resolve your problem!

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