It began with a passion for motorsports.

We are car people. We love racing. Our family revolves around it. Vacations have always been planned around either going to a race or making sure we'd be home to see it on TV with no delay.

We love our cars, and the Tyrrell family saw it. They saw the way we presented Tyrrell 002 at Goodwood, and they decided we were the ones to carry on the tradition.

The blessing of the Tyrrell family comes with a huge responsibility. The Grands Prix Tyrrells are world-class. Jackie Stewart drove them to two world championships and Francois Cevert backed up Jackie with race wins and numerous podiums. Sir Jackie had a lot to do with Tyrrell's now famous legacy, but even Sir Jackie admits that his Championships were due to Ken Tyrrell, his team, and their unwavering confidence in Uncle Ken and his judgement in preparing race winning cars.

We don't take this responsibility lightly. Tyrrell was the first Formula One outfit to produce, sell, and license merchandise, and now the torch has been passed to us, the modern "Team Tyrrell", not competing and winning in Formula One, but sharing and living the history we appreciate so much. When you show off your Tyrrell merchandise, you're not just wearing a shirt, you're expressing your appreciation for an historic legacy of 'Ferrari-beaters from the woodshed'. You are stating your belief that the world championship can be won in a backyard, with nothing but determination, dedication, honesty, unwavering integrity, and a right "froth job" from Uncle Ken when there is a lapse in any of the above.

The Tyrrell name symbolizes a day when driver contracts were signed with a handshake, when innovation came in four or six wheels, and when aerodynamics were as important as a heavy right-foot that could look through death and stay in it.

Modern Grand Prix racing is fantastic, with it's own character and unbelievable speed. But when you wear your Tyrrell shirt with pride, remember those glory days when lawyers weren't as important to a race team as good engineers.

This is our style.